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The Stalljen kveik comes from Stig Seljeset in Hornindal, Norway. Hornindal is situated north of the Jostedal glacier, and historically the main industry in Hornindal was farming and scythe forging. The Seljeset farm was a traditional self-sustained farm holding sheep and milk cows. The original culture called Seljeset kveik can be dated back to the 1870’s, but the culture has since been mixed with other cultures and is now called Stalljen. The Stalljen name means stable and comes from their old horse stable which now holds a private pub and brewery. Stig still use a 100-year-old brewing technique when he brews his beer.


The flavor and aroma have notes of apples and ripe fruit, and a hint of cloves and anis. The intensity is medium to high at high fermentation temperatures, and at lower temperatures it will be less intense, and you will get a nice and crisp beer, similar to lager.


This kveik is a versatile type of yeast, and you can brew several different types of beers including traditional farmhouse, stouts and porters, seasonal beers, IPA and many more. At low mash temperatures you will get high attenuation and a dry beer, and the cloves and anis flavor really come through. Use your imagination, experiment with new recipes, and this yeast will not let you down.

Available in homebrew sachets (5 gram/0,17 oz per 20-30L/ 5-8 US gallons of wort) and brewery pouches (200 gram/7 oz per 1000 liter/264 US gallons of wort.

K.22 Stalljen

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