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Who we are

Norwegian brewing traditions have inspired many brewers in later years, and with the rediscovery of the ancient Norwegian yeast called “Kveik” brewers are given an opportunity to produce unique beer with a distinct taste.

The founders of the Kveik Yeastery, Arne and Øystein, started playing with the thought of building a factory and produce authentic kveik a few years ago. After a long journey and a lot of hard work they managed to set-up a modern production facility in Brumunddal, Norway, where all the kveik is produced.

Authenticity is everything

Original kveik cultures consist of several yeast types in each culture, and without all the yeast types in place we don’t call it kveik. You cannot take the famous Mercedes Benz star, place it on another car brand, and still call it a Mercedes.  Nor can you take one yeast type out of a kveik culture and still call it kveik. Each yeast type in the culture contributes with taste and aroma, and the original composition is what gives unique flavour and aroma.

At Kveik Yeastery we produce the original cultures as they have been used by the local farmers. Our yeast is produced on Norwegian malt to simulate the environment that the yeast cells are used to, and to produce the most authentic kveik as possible. Authenticity is everything. 

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